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My Reflection of Learning

March 3, 2013

Overall, there is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to thinking about how and why individuals learn, but the real job comes into play when it is time to effectively facilitate the learning process.  The most striking thing that I learned about learning is that it is a process and that there is not one theory that can explain it.  Therefore, the professional has to be flexible when it comes to learning because as individuals we all learn different and possess different capabilities to learn and retain learned information.  According to Laureate Education (2009), people learn in many different ways and may even have distinctive styles for learning and processing new information.  Additionally, the professional has to be very knowledgeable about the learning process and theories.  Further, realizing this striking point helped me to understand my learning process as it occurred through the years and continued to develop.  I realized how I utilized my learning from many networks to help me to further learn and make since of newly learned material.  I also realized how I have several learning styles.  According to Gilbert and Swanier (2008), however, one person can have several learning styles relative to a specific course or subject.  The professional’s job consists of a lot when it comes to helping individuals learn.  According to Laureate Education (2009), an understanding of how people learn is a foundation for designing effective instruction.

Learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation all can aid in the ability for an individual to effectively learn.  They are all used or carefully assessed when developing learning materials for learners.  The professional has to understand all theories and styles in order to understand the type of learners and appropriate tools to use with the learners.  Additionally, I believe that this will also allow the professional to understand how to better motivate an individual based on the learner’s learning style.  Further, it is important to understand what motivates learners along with providing learners with the appropriate learning material and tools so learners are able to stay engaged and attentive.  According to Ormrod, Schunk, and Gredler (2008), motivation determines the extent to which we exhibit the particular responses we have learned; it also affects whether and in what ways we process the information we receive.  The professional also has to understand all theories and styles in order to understand what technology should be used for specific types of learning. 

Understanding my own learning can help me to better understand the learning of others so  I am able to identify what factors may be causing an individual to not effectively learn and retain material.  According to Gilbert and Swanier (2008), when one understands his or her learning styles, he or she can make the appropriate modifications to increase achievement.   I will be able to be flexible in my approach to helping individual’s learn and understand how the theories and styles apply to learning.  I will also be capable of better understanding the role of motivation when it comes to learning and become effective in making motivation a part of the learning process.  Further, I will be more equipped to provide better strategies, techniques, and tools to aid in the learning process for learners.  According to Laureate Education (2009), it is important in any instructionally designed learning environment that you account for those differences and taken them into consideration.


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